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Modified Bitumen

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Modified Bitumen Roof Systems:

Modified bitumen roofing is manufactured by a number of companies that bring some exceptional products to market. Modified membranes come in a many colors, styles and installation procedures to ensure that your roof gets the system it needs to last.

Granulated vs. Non-Granulated:

Modified bitumen can be ordered in different colors and with colored granules that offer protection, so how do you choose which is right for your new roof? First, call us so that we may assess your roof's condition and needs. Granulated membranes are covered with a layer of colored granules that help protect the underlying membrane from sun damage and direct exposure to the elements. Smooth membranes are great for multi-layer systems or installations where a low-friction surface is recommended. Reflective roof coatings can also help reduce the thermal shock associated with heating and cooling as the sun rises and sets.

Proper Installation is Key:

To ensure the greatest longevity for your new roof, only use a contractor proven with modified bitumen roof systems. Many contractors make their first foray into low-slope roofing with modified bitumen due to the ease of installation and low cost of entry. We are fully trained and experienced and are proud of our modified installs. Call us today to learn more about our experienced team.

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