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The Roofing Process

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The roofing process can seem like an arduous task, but we are here to walk you through every step to ensure that your roof is installed correctly the first time with the smallest impact on your home and daily routine.

Step One - Call Us Today:

The first step in this process is calling us so that we can stop by and take a look at your roof, gather measurements, talk to you about your goals and assess the complexity of your project. During our initial visit, we will be assessing the ease or difficulty of accessing the roof from all sides, the height and pitch of your roof, and will try to ascertain whether or not the roof has potentially unseen damage that will need to be remedied prior to re-roofing. All of these items and more will affect the final price, but we will be happy to explain everything in detail so that you know exactly what to expect.

Step Two - The Proposal:

We will write up a proposal that will include all of the information that you will need to understand the scope of work, the final price and any extras that may be expected. This will include the brand, style and color of any products that are needed for your job. We highly recommend that you ask as many questions as possible so that we can answer them prior to getting started. This will set you at ease and you will know exactly what to expect prior to the project commencement.

Step Three - Scheduling:

Once your contract is signed we will begin ordering the materials needed for your project. In some cases we have them in stock, but due to the enormous variety of styles and colors this is not always possible. We work with suppliers in our area to provide a large selection of products we offer. We will inform you as to the availability of the products you have selected, and will devise an expected schedule based on that information. Once the materials are available, we will pick them up ourselves or have them delivered directly to your property. At this point your project will be scheduled, but keep in mind that weather plays a large part in deciding when it is best to begin. We definitely do not tear off your old roof until the weather is clear enough to safely do so.

Step Four - Protect Everything:

Roofing your home can get messy during the process. We do our very best to protect your landscaping and other items surrounding your home from damage. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service, and part of this is leaving your home better than we found it.

Step Five - Assessing Any Unseen Damage:

Once your old roof has been removed, we can now see the condition of the roof decking. Sagging or water damaged pieces will need to be removed and replaced so that your new roof will perform properly and do so for the entire life expectancy. We will let you know a course of action once we can see if there is any damage, and any additional costs involved.

Step Six - Installing Your New Roof:

As every roof is different, your specific project parameters will be included in your quote. All roofing materials are installed according to manufacturer requirement and industry best-practices to ensure that you get the most life out of your new roof. We never cut corners so that you know your roof is installed correctly the first time.

Step Seven - Clean Up:

Our goal is to always leave your property better than we found it. We will clear and remove any and all debris pertaining to your project so that you can immediately begin enjoying the beauty and functionality of your new roof.

How Long Does it Take?

Most residential roofing projects take one or two days, but some can take longer depending on your roof and accessibility. On our first visit we will give you an approximation of the length of time it will take to complete your project. Now is the time to pick up the phone and put us to work for you. We look forward to speaking with you.

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